The Way, more Accurately: The conversion of Apollos — Acts 18:18-28
Doug Hornok   -  

Years ago, there was a button that read, PBPWMGINFWMY. These jumbled letters stood for, “Please be patient with me; God is not finished with me yet.” If we all could keep that in mind, we would be more kind, patient, and forgiving toward one another. We are all people in the process. We come from a variety of backgrounds. We each have different spiritual gifts and different experiences with the Lord. And we’re all at different places in our walk with the Lord. God’s work and God’s workers are a work in process. We will look at the passage of scripture that demonstrates that and candidly raises a lot of questions that are not fully answered. What was Paul’s vow? Why did he take it? Was he right or wrong to take a vow? Should Christians today take vows? Why didn’t Paul stay on at Ephesus when the Jews there were uncharacteristically open to his message? Why was his visit to Jerusalem so short? What happened there? Was Apollos a believer before Priscilla and Aquila explained things to him? If so, what did he lack? Why does Luke skim over some fairly important details in Paul’s ministry here, such as the conclusion of his second missionary journey and the start of his third journey? What happened to Timothy and Silas?