A Multitude from Every Nation — Revelation 7:9-17
Doug Hornok   -  

John Duncan was a prominent Scottish theologian. Once, as communion was being held in a Church of Scotland, when the elements came to a 16-year-old girl, she suddenly turned her head aside and motioned for the elder to take the cup away; she couldn’t drink it. Professor Duncan reached his arm over, touched her shoulder, and said tenderly, “Take it, lassie, it’s for sinners.” This coming Sunday, we will partake of the Lord’s Table and, in preparation, will look at a picture provided for us in the book of Revelation of those gathered around the throne of God from “every nation and all tribes and people.” They are dressed in beautiful white robes that have been “made white in the blood of the lamb.” The picture is a magnificent description of the grounds and foundation for our being able to stand in the presence of a holy God.