A Magician and a Master: Sergius Paulus — Acts 13:4-14
Doug Hornok   -  

Many people enter the Christian life with false expectations. They are told that trusting Jesus as their Savior will solve many, if not most, of their problems. They hear that the Christian life is an abundant life, full of joy and peace. What they don’t hear is that it also is a life of mortal combat with the enemy of our souls, who is not only powerful but also incredibly crafty. That combat intensifies when a person engages in some sort of ministry and especially when we share the gospel with a non-Christian. Leading someone to Christ involves more than giving a sales pitch or using logical arguments. We are engaging in battle with Satan himself, who wants to keep the person in his kingdom of darkness. The conversion of Sergious Paulus is another convincing proof of Christianities’s genuineness.