Be Saved to Sin No More!

Doug Hornok   -  
Several years back before Thanksgiving, I did a three-part series of messages entitled, “Three Reasons to be Thankful.” There are hundreds of reasons for a Christian to be thankful, but the three I focused on were related to our salvation. We spent one message on Justification (we have been declared righteous and are saved from the penalty of sin), one on sanctification (we are to live a life in the present separate from the power of sin), and one on glorification (we will one day, in the future, be delivered from the very presence of sin). Each of these truths is a reason for rejoicing.
William Cowper in the third stanza of his wonderful hymn, There is a Fountain, writes about that coming day in the future when we will sin no more with these words:
Dear dying Lamb,
Thy precious blood
  Shall never lose its power,
Till all the ransomed ones of God
  Be saved, to sin no more:
  Be saved, to sin no more,
  Be saved, to sin no more;
Till all the ransomed ones of God,
  Be saved to sin no more.
Think about that for just one moment: There is coming a day when we will be free from all sin! Read carefully – slowly – reflectively the words of the Puritan Richard Baxter:
“Therefore, Christian, never fear this: once you are in heaven, you will sin no more. Is this not glad news to you who have prayed, watched, and labored against sin for so long? I know if you had the choice, you would choose to be freed from sin rather than be made heir of all the world. Well, wait until then, and you will have your desire. That hard heart, those vile thoughts that lie down and rise with you, that accompany you to every duty, that you could no more leave behind than leave your very self behind, will now be left behind forever. They might accompany you to death, but they cannot proceed a step further.
Have no doubt, we will no longer retain this rebelling principle that is constantly withdrawing us from God and addicting us to backsliding. We will no more be oppressed by the power of our corruptions or vexed with their presence. No pride, passion, slothfulness, or senselessness will enter with us; no strangeness to God and to the things of God; no coldness of affections or imperfection in our love; no uneven walking or grieving of the Spirit; no scandalous action or unholy walking. We will rest from all these forever.”
What a glorious truth! Now, if that didn’t warm your heart and give you a reason to be thankful – Read them again until they do!
Photo by Alicia Quan on Unsplash