The Queens Funeral & Special Announcement

Doug Hornok   -  
Last Monday I recorded and later, Connie and I watched the funeral services for Queen Elizabeth that took place in Westminster Abbey who died 10 days earlier. Her funeral was attended by Kings, Presidents, and other world leaders and was watched around the world. As I watched, I found myself praying that millions across the world would take to heart all the scriptures being quoted on Heaven, eternal life, and our eternal reward.
Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury led the service and said that “the Queen’s service had its foundation in her following Christ, God himself”.
The scriptures that were read were from John 11, Job 19, I Corinthians 15, Psalm 42 and John 14.
The Archbishop in his funeral message said, “we will all face the merciful judgment of God: we can all share the Queen’s hope which in life and death inspired her servant leadership. All who follow the Queen’s example, and inspiration of trust and faith in God, can with her say: We will meet again.”
Terry Vigo, founder of Newfrontiers, a worldwide family of churches said of the Queen, “On earth, it seems so right to honour her for her extraordinary life of service. In heaven her gaze will be only upon him who laid down his life for her.”
We could easily “pick to pieces” the words that were spoken; we seem to be good at that. But faith in Christ was set forth as the foundation for the Queens’s eternal life and assurance of heaven. Let’s rejoice and pray that God will use that truth to bring people to the Savior.
Finally, I want to share with you some exciting news. For almost two years MBC has been praying, searching and looking for someone to join MBC in the role of Associate Pastor. We cast a wide net asking Seminaries, Bible Colleges, the IFCA, individuals who had contact with others and every avenue available. We have looked at dozens of applicants, interviewed many and invited three candidates to visit with us personally.  Of all those we visited with, Duane Nelsen and his wife Laura and their 4 children appeared to be the best fit. This became even more apparent this past weekend as Duane and his family were with us and Duane preached on Sunday. That evening, the Elders invited Duane to consider coming to MBC and join our church family in the role of Associate Pastor. Later, Duane accepted and Lord willing will be moving to Utah at the end of November, early December to come on staff. 
We will be sharing more information later, but wanted to make this announcement. We covet your continued prayers for our church and the Nelsens as they face the monumental task of leaving a familiar home, church and friends and putting down roots in Utah.
Photo by Tomas Martinez on Unsplash