Origin of the Universe

Doug Hornok   -  
Three weeks ago Yellowstone National Park was hit with historic floods that changed the landscape of the Park. One newspaper article read:
In just days, heavy rain and rapid snowmelt caused a dramatic flood that may forever alter the human footprint on the park’s terrain and the communities that have grown around it.
The historic floodwaters that raged through Yellowstone this week, tearing out bridges and pouring into nearby homes, pushed a popular fishing river off course — possibly permanently — and may force roadways nearly torn away by torrents of water to be rebuilt in new places.
“The landscape literally and figuratively has changed dramatically in the last 36 hours,” said Bill Berg, a commissioner in nearby Park County. “It’s a little bit ironic that this spectacular landscape was created by violent geologic and hydrologic events, and it’s just not very handy when it happens while we’re all here settled on it.”
Days of rain and rapid snowmelt wrought havoc across parts of southern Montana and northern Wyoming, where it washed away cabins, swamped small towns, and knocked out power.”
It is truly amazing the power that is unleashed through unexpected rain and rapid snowmelt. 
One week after the floods in Yellowstone, Connie and I along with my brother David and his wife Lil were in Moab visiting Arches, Canyonlands National Park, and Dead Horse Point state park. At each visitor center, there was listed the cause of these beautiful formations: “visitors can see the remarkable effects of millions of years of erosion on a landscape of sedimentary rock. For hundreds of millions of years, material was deposited from a variety of sources in what is now Canyonlands National Park.”
Millions of years of erosion is the cause? The Colorado River carved out Canyon Lands and the Grand Canyon? Really? A far better explanation is the universal flood as recorded in Genesis 6. The historical evidence of the Bible is all around us. We simply need to open our eyes. MBC’s doctrinal statement reads:
God is the Creator and Sustainer of everything that exists. The nature of the creation is due to the direct miraculous power of God. The origin of the universe, the origin of life, the origin of all kinds of living things, and the origin of humans cannot be explained adequately apart from the sovereign exercise of God’s power (Genesis 1-2; Colossians 1:15-17; Hebrews 1:2-3).