Pastor's Pen

Faithful Servants


Years ago, on a cold morning a missionary candidate was instructed to be at the office at 3:00 am for a scheduled interview with the examiner of a mission board. He waited until 8:00 am when the examiner arrived.
The examiner said, "Let us begin, first, please spell baker."
"B-a-k-e-r," the young man spelled. "Very good. Now, let's see what you know about figures. How much is twice two?" "Four," replied the applicant. "Very good," the examiner said. "I'll recommend to the board tomorrow that you be appointed. You have passed the test."
At the board meeting the examiner spoke highly of the applicant and said, "He has all the qualifications of a missionary. Let me explain.
"First, I tested him on self-denial. I told him to be at my house at three in the morning. He left a warm bed and came out in the cold without a word of complaint. Second, I tried him out on punctuality. He appeared on time. Third, I examined him on patience. I made him wait five hours to see me, after telling him to come at three. Fourth, I tested him on temper. He failed to show any sign of it; he didn't even question my delay. Fifth, I tried his humility. I asked him questions that a small child could answer, and he showed no offense. He meets the requirements and will make the missionary we need."
Self denial, punctuality, patience, temperate, humility. These are qualities needed for a true servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. How do you measure up?

As you interact with others remember to share with them that:

Jesus is my Savior and He wants to be yours!
The Bible is my only source of authority.
Midvalley is my church home and I'd love to have you join me!

See you on Sunday!
In the light of His glory and grace,
Pastor Doug