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Easter Weekend Sermons

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Easter Weekend 


Good Friday – “The Darkest Hour”

World history has been marked by incredibly difficult and tragic times.  Wars, famine, genocide, murder and brutal abuses have characterized every generation.  We have never truly known a single day of worldwide peace!    Injustice has been a constant companion of man.   As great as the injustices have been, the greatest and darkest hour of human history occurred 2000 years ago outside the city of Jerusalem when an innocent man was crucified between two deserving criminals.  We call that event “Good Friday” and with good reason.  Those two criminals were each confronted with a choice.  A choice we all face.  We invite you to join us and make an informed choice regarding the darkest hour in human history.


Easter Sunday – “Christ’s Defeat of Death”

Most people, with good reason, fear death.  Playwright Woody Allen wrote that he didn't mind the thought of dying; he just didn't want to be there when it happened.  Easter however, provides for us hope that death need not be feared.   Both the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ are indisputable facts of history which make death a defeated enemy.   Jesus said, “Because I live, you shall live also!”  This Easter we invite you to join us in carefully examining the historical proofs and implications of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.