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Questions to Ask Your Wife

Dear Friends,

I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day. 

This past Wednesday was Valentines Day -  45 years ago on this weekend, I officially gave Connie her engagement ring.  I'd asked her months earlier to marry me, she said yes, but we made it official on Valentine's Day with the ring.

Kevin DeYoung, a pastor I greatly admire, suggested in his blog the following questions husbands ought to ask their wives for Valentine's Day.  They were so good I wanted to pass them on to you. You may choose to rework these questions before you present them to your spouse to answer. Additionally, be sure you've answered them first for yourself before you put your wife on the spot.  
  1. What is one thing your spouse does that always makes you smile or laugh?
  2. What is a good memory you have of the two of you from the last year? Feel free to share your answer for the last 5 or 10 or 50 years too.
  3. What is one thing you'd like to improve on, or one area of your character you'd like to see grow, in order to love your spouse better?
  4. Of the nine fruits of the Spirit, which one did you first notice in your spouse when you fell in love? Which one have you appreciated most in the past year?
  5. Even if it meant saving for 10 years, or finding a team of babysitters, what is one thing you'd love to be able to do (or a place you'd like to go, or something you'd like to experience) with your spouse in the future?
There you go. You now have plenty to talk about. You just need to find 30 minutes to get away and be alone together. Better yet, find a few hours.
I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day.
See you this coming Lord's Day!
Pastor Doug

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