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Questions to Ask Your Wife

Dear Friends,I trust you are doing well and looking forward to the Lord's Day.This pastWednesdaywas Valentines Day - 45 years ago on this weekend, I officially gave Connie her engagement ring. I'd asked her months earlier to marry me, she said yes, but we made it official on Valentine's Day with the ring.Kevin DeYoung, a pastor I greatly admire, suggested in his blog t...

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Set Backs In her book Character, Gail Sheehan tells of the lengthy rehabilitation that former Senator and later Presidential Candidate Bob Dole endured after his World War II injury. German machine gunfire hit him in the upper back and right arm. Medics gave him the largest possible dose of morphine, then wrote "M" (for morphine) on his forehead with his own blood, so no ...

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Who's Side is God on?


We never, ever prayed for victory. I felt that that had to do with preparation and doing the things you needed to do, but we were just thankful. ~Lou Holtz...

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Faithful Servants


Self denial, punctuality, patience, temperate, humility. These are qualities needed for a true servant of the Lord Jesus Christ. How do you measure up?...

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Singing to God


Music is a teaching ministry. We take the content of our songs as seriously as the sermon. We intentionally design a Bible-centered service from beginning to end....

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Through the centuries, many committed Christians have turned their backs on God when their passion for short-term personal pleasure blinded them to the long term cost of sin....

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Death and Taxes


I don't like giving the government money any sooner than I have to. I wish I could say I do it joyfully, but I don't. I do it because it's the right thing to do. Paying taxes is a Christian duty...

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The Hairs of our Head


God sometimes uses the incidental choices we make to change our lives....

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Death cannot touch you until God is through with you. You cannot die, and you will not die, until the appointed moment comes that God has ordained. ...

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Having a Clear Lens


Believers who cultivate and maintain a pure heart see the activity of the God of Heaven only through a clean lens...

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