This Sunday At Midvalley

This Sunday

Journey with John to Jesus

Sunday School Class

Introduced by Jim Thacher

and Taught by Gifted and Godly Men of Midvalley

John 15

Just this last weekend we were told of an attack on Pakistani Christians celebrating Easter. While claiming responsibility (not just accepting it) the Islamic leader disavowed any intent to kill women and children (political correctness) but was quite happy to note that it was

Christian men that were their target. This Sunday we will be, again, called to be identifiable branches of THE true vine, Our Lord Jesus Christ. Like a city on a hill, that

cannot be hidden, our True Vine will be revealed which is why Christ has made it clear that our charter is to bear fruit. (John 15:1-8). In our Journey with John with Preston Kappes as our guide we will see how the words of Jesus to His Disciples in the Upper Room as His death approaches apply to us today.

This Sunday

Lord's Table: This Sunday we will be observing the Lord's Table. We encourage you to prepare yourself for this important ordinance of the church.

Steve and Rhonda Ransom will be with us to share in the morning worship service the ministry of Pioneer Bible Camp. Following the morning service there will be a Pot Luck Supper. Please bring a main dish to share and those with the last name A-L bring a dessert and those M-Z bring a salad. Drinks and table settings will be provided.