Adult Sunday School

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The Book of Romans:

A 12 week study starting on Sunday, January 7, 2018

with Pastor Ken Hornok*

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The book of Romans is arguably the most basic and comprehensive statement of true Christianity. This first century letter to Christians in Rome teaches us how to live victoriously as a Christian, experiencing the present aspect of eternal life, which is our sanctification. Much more than a "Romans Road for Evangelism," it is the cornerstone of truth! Among the topics to be addressed:
Can we trust the letters of Paul? (Overview of Acts)
The Right Romans Road: Where does it take us? An overview
Bad News: The downward spiral of sin brings God's wrath
Good News: Salvation's First Aspect
The Big Picture of Salvation
Much more Good News: Victory - Salvation's Present aspect is deliverance from God's Wrath
Real Living: Not just possessing eternal life but experiencing eternal life no

Israel: Example for 21st Century believers
Living a transformed life
The strong and weak believers
House Churches in Rome


*Ken Hornok served as Pastor of Midvalley Bible Church for 39 years before his retirement in June of 2013. Ken is a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary (ThM), served on the Executive Board of IFCA International, served as an interim pastor at three churches and taught at the Jackson Hole Bible College. Ken and his wife Marcia will celebrate 50 years of marriage this coming June. They have 6 children and 11 grandchildren. Ken is a gifted Bible teacher and you will not want to miss his teaching!